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0°Silent Switch

The name of this silent switch comes from the detailed experience in our daily life, we sometimes turn down the volume of the TV, stereo, and other devices to be silent; 0 means mute, which means no sound. If use number to describe the silent affect,  the number "0" is well deserved.
An imagination from engineer, If we reach the quiet universe through the slide of the space elevator, will it make our heart touch another mysterious realm? So we need a more stable "stairway" to space, and there is a "double rail" structure in our switch. 0 ° silent switch with the soft elastic top cover double shoulder silent pad, touch the bottom of the four silent pad of the special silent effect, but also has a new double rail stability structure with technology support which easily creates a quiet space of pure freedom. A new era of full silent office keyboard is coming, release 0 noise, nice typing feel and good performance can be down in it too.  
This silent switch is used on mechanical keyboards, whose function is equivalent to the extra pad under switch, and resolving the trouble of external pad under the switch successfully.
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